Saturday, April 21, 2007

Why is Transubstantiation Wrong According to the Bible?

Why does the teaching that the wafer and the wine (or grape juice) actually becoming the body and blood of Christ to atone for sin wrong according to the Bible? The Bible says there was only ONE sacrifice for all time--not another and another and another every time someone eats a cracker and takes a swig of grape juice. We are to do that seriously as a "remembrance" of Jesus and the blood He shed for us and the life we give to Him in return, but there is no salvation from the practice, nor does the food and drink "magically" become the body and blood of Jesus. It is actually still just grape juice/wine and bread. Here is an explanation in the PDF article "Transubstantiation: Divine Miracle or Hoax?" Sadly, the Roman Catholic Church usurps this tradition for control over the people, apart from the Bible.

Here are som points to consider from Mike Gendron, former Catholic:

"The Roman Catholic Church displays its inconsistent teaching by taking the words of Jesus literally in John 6 but not in John 4. Ask them why they must eat and drink His flesh and blood for eternal life but do not have to drink His water.”

From the very beginning God commanded mankind to abstain from blood (Genesis 9:4). Moses reiterated this command and later, the prophets said it was a sin to consume blood (Leviticus 17:10-14; 1 Samuel 14:34). Clearly Jesus would not have taught the Jews to sin and disobey the Mosaic Law by drinking His blood.

None of the Jews took Jesus literally. If they had, they would have sought to kill Him as they did when they believed He was violating the Sabbath (John 5:16). If John 6:54 is interpreted literally it would produce another gospel by adding something man must do to receive eternal life.

Prophets used figurative language: “Thy words were found and I ate them.” (Jer. 15:16; see also Isaiah 55:1-3 and Ezekiel 3:1). Clearly Jeremiah did not eat the literal word of God, and Jesus was not commanding His disciples to become cannibals and eat His literal flesh.