Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Saga Continues with "Pastor Wright"

I heard back from my friend who has been following the teaching of Henry Wright in GA, and she suggested that I give him a call. After all, she wrote, many missionaries have called his teaching sound and he is open, she told me, to correction and being tested. I wrote her back with this response:

The followers of L Ron Hubbard will also say he is “sound”. The point is that people who know sound teaching (out from under these circles and the influence of these cultic doctrines) know the difference.

I have no desire to call this man, because I am sure there is nothing I can say to change his mind a bit more than I can change any “Word Faith” teacher or cult leader.

The important thing is for you to KNOW this is NOT by any means orthodox Christianity.

God loves you and has His hand on your life, and it is not by accident that He has led you to my site and to have this response from me. If you will order any of the sermons on the site on “mind science”, “Christian Science”, or “The Errors of Positive Confession” you will find a sound refutation of this Henry Wright’s teachings. Walter Martin was founder of the Christian Research Institute and was the original “Bible Answer Man.” He was a missionary to people in cults and debated leaders of the Mormon church and leaders of “Atheists United” in public debates. He really knew the Bible and sound pastors recognize him as sound. He wrote a book entitled Kingdom of the Cults, which is a staple text used in seminaries across America.

If you speak to Henry Wright about this, he will not want you to study and get out from under his control. But, I am praying the Lord will mature you and help you escape the mental clutches of this person.

(I am not only referring to the jacket of the CD which implies IMPROPER hermeneutics, but I am also referring to his actual teachings on the CD, to the overall theme of the Mind Science he promotes in and to his overall anti-biblical theme…He is attempting to “use” the Bible --just like Mind Science cults such as Unity with their “metaphysical ‘Bible’ dictionary”, Christian Science and their “key to the Scriptures” and L. Ron Hubbard’s references to Jesus and certain Scriptures in Scientology—to make people assume that Mr. Wright is “Christian”. What else is new? False teachers have been calling themselves “Christian” since the beginning).

Love in Jesus with the courage to “examine all things carefully...",