Friday, September 25, 2009

More on Angola Prison

On death row, Warden Burl Cain comes to hold the hand of each prisoner as he is dying from lethal injection, stating, "No matter what you believe or whether or not you are right with the Lord, you are about to meet your Maker. You had better get right with Him now." The Warden holds their hand so they won't be alone in death.
Death Row

They send "the dogs" to find prisoners who attempt to escape. Blood Hounds and German Shepherds are trained at Angola.
Wild turkey at Angola

And deer

Some of the prisoners sure make for some tough cowboys...
at the nationally known Angola Rodeo.

Prisoners' art work
"Red Hat" prisoners were the meanest and stayed here,
away from the other prisoners,

where the old electric chair was also housed...
...years ago in Angola history.

(Ruth Graham, Billy Graham's daughter, speaking last Sunday at Angola)

Brad Delaughter, one of the chaplains, is baptizing someone at church
(The prison not only has churches on the property but also has a Baptist seminary where the prisoners can get a seminary degree while in prison.)
I look forward to going back to Angola to share my testimony and sing. When it comes to prison ministry and being a part of God's work, there is no greater prison in the country than Angola. Rumor has it, the Warden was offered a whole lot of money from Hollywood to shoot a sex scene for a major movie with Jim Carrey on property at Angola. He turned down the money and refused the offer, because he said, "This place is the Lord's."