Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Ministry Update from Israel

Dear Praying Friends,

We are very grateful to you for all your care and support through these years! Here are our news and prayer requests for this month.
Aviv Center
There are still minor repairs to be done in Aviv Center. The director of the center, Max, was just married in the Ukraine and is going to return soon to resume his work. Please pray that we will be able to resume our schedule as before – with each team doing their job on their day in the center – and that the addicts who have attended our Bible studies regularly in the past will begin attending again, this time in the new facility.
The Negev
We are grateful for the development in one of our major Bible study groups in the Negev - in the town of Dimona. There are about 60 people in this group, and it has potential for growth with new people. The problem we have always had in Dimona, however, is the lack of a local Russian-speaking leader. Several years ago a ministering couple from Holland came and settled down in Dimona to partner with us and help our believers in the town. Theyare doing a great job as they host mid-week Bible studies in their home, but they do not speak Russian. So we still needed a local Russian-speaking leader (potential future pastor) who could translate and also learn from the experience of our friends from Holland. Now a mature believing Russian-speaking couple from Bat-Yam who has been helping me for some time in TelAviv has decided to move to Dimona. So we hope this will be the answer to our need for local leaders! Please pray.
We have spoken with a representative of a Christian organization in Jerusalem that helps victims of domestic abuse about a possible partnership in Beer Sheva. And we keep thinking about opening a rehab center for drug addicts in Beer Sheva. Please pray for guidance and wisdom from God.
Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you,
Dov and Olga Bikas