Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LTW Update: Rio Grande Valley

November Update from Curt and Janie:

Our first visitor of the day was Philipe.  The conversation went quickly from "After Death, What Then?" to speaking about "near death experiences."  When Curt and Philipe started talking about "the bright light" that many have experienced, it didn't take long to mention that Satan himself has the power to appear as the "Angel of light".  Philipe took "Messages from Heaven" DVD, the tract on "The Occult," the "Life After Death" print out by Justin Peters and the booklet "Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church" from Chapel Library. 

A young boy came asking for a Spanish Bible for his mom and for color pages.  Today the color pages revolved around being thankful to God for Jesus, family, plants, animals, plus a history of how Thanksgiving Day had it's beginning in the U.S.  We also had little "Pick'n Pumpkins" tracts talking about God making EVERY pumpkin different and EVERY person special and different, along with a little snack bag of candy pumpkins.  All 24 copies disappeared.

Around 10:00 A.M. our special, regular, Spanish-speaking friend stopped by to say "Buenos dias." We talked about his 3 daughters and a little about his job and church.  Lo and behold, about 2:30 he returned, making a special trip to introduce us to his 3 daughters for the first time.  What a blessing. (Plus, all 3 girls are bilingual, which makes it easier to communicate.)

The book The Light that Was Dark left the Table.  We did not have the opportunity to talk with the lady that took it. A couple took a NKJV of the Bible and 'The Story of God'  --New Testament (large print) for a friend.

A lady stopped by looking for a Spanish Bible for 3 children.  She had the Bible but said it was too difficult for the 3 younger kids.  Curt gave her 3 copies of "The Most Important Story Ever Told." 

An elderly gentleman and daughter were looking for Spanish materials.  They took a few of our Spanish tracts from Chapel Library.

A fellow was looking for materials for his wife who teaches Sunday School.  I was pleased to give him 4-5 sets of lessons (in English) including "Moses and the 10 Commandments," three lessons on creation about Adam & Eve and the lesson on...dinosaurs...

I'm sure I've said it before, but I'll say it again: there's always at least one person who approaches the table and is simply is the highlight of the day.  Today it was little 5-6 year old, Jasmine, with her mom.  Many, many months ago at one of our first table set-ups on Jackson St., I had a discussion with Jasmine's mom about Catholicism.  We didn't see her after that day for a long time (remembering the Jackson St. Table ministry is only the 1st Saturday of every month).  Over the past few months we began to see Jasmine at the table; she eagerly looked for the 'color pages' of Bible stories, and her mom stood off in the distance.  Today Jasmine came to the Table WITH her mom who graciously greeted us and had Jasmine thank us for the coloring pages. She asked if she could take the little toddler booklet "Would You Like to Know Jesus?" Of course, we said, "YES," and she told Jasmine, "It would be easy enough for you to read."  I asked if she would like a Daily Bread for herself, explaining that it was a daily devotional.  SHE WILLINGLY ACCEPTED!!!! 

"Let the little children come to Me..." (and the big ones, too! :-)

As we prepared to pack-up, I remembered our neighboring vendor say she was a teacher.  I brought over a copy of Dwayna's "31 Quotes" (on American history, reserved especially for teachers to read to school children) and asked if she would like it.  After she found it was quotes from many previous presidents, including George Washington and founding forefathers relying on the Bible, she gladly accepted.

It's been rare that New Testaments leave the Table, but today several did, along with several Bibles including a giant print Bible (which are held in reserve and given only if specifically requested.  The lady walked away saying, "I've been blessed!" So have we.

It was a good day.

Relying on Him as He directs our paths,

Curt and Janie Rolf
Rio Grande Valley