Friday, November 16, 2012

LTW Outreach Yesterday at the University of TN!

It was so nice to be back out at the University of Tennessee doing evangelism based on apologetics. We set up in the area where I used to stay on campus in the summers at baton camp when I was a little girl. It brought back so many great memories. Plus, God let us have our table display across from the music hall, so we had the pleasure of hearing piano students playing classical and ragtime music. Fun was in the air, and it truly is a JOY most Christians miss--giving reasons to people for WHY we believe in Jesus and defending the Bible to people who don't believe it is God's Word. The Baptist Collegiate Ministry let us use their parking lot, and that was such a blessing due to the lack of parking on campus. We did not have to roll the dolly far at all to set up the table. God was with us the entire day.
We have materials for atheists, Muslims, Jews, New Agers, Buddhists, Hindus and Christians with Bibles donated from First Bapt. Sevierville. We have sermons by Craig Mintz and Hollie Miller (pastors from First Bapt. Sevierville and Sevier Heights). We also have resources from Dr. Henry Morris, Jim Tetlow and John Blanchard against evolution.
This nice student approached and let us know she was a Christian and attended Bible study at Sevier Heights. She took another sermon by Hollie Miller and a devotional, and we prayed with her.

I had the opportunity to speak with an atheist about why I believe in God. He took materials from our table to challenge his "faith" as an atheist. I pointed out that evolution, belief in the "big bang" and disbelief in Jesus as Messiah all require FAITH as an atheist. The atheist must have faith, because his beliefs cannot be proven. We spoke about Jesus and whether He was a crazy man or God, because He was either who He said He was or a liar. We spoke also about the resurrection.

We gave out all of our "In Touch" devotionals for the day. A guy stopped who had been a "Druid Pagan Priest," he explained. We had an interesting and pleasant talk. He claimed to be saved, and I asked him if he had ever "repented." (In the south people get saved, they believe, by walking down an aisle and "believe" but sometimes don't repent of sin!) I pointed out that in the book of James the Bible warns that even demons believe and tremble, so there is a possibility to have a faith in God that is not saving faith. (James 2:19). He said he hated hypocrisy in the church more than anything, and I told him that Jesus said hell was reserved for the hypocrites (strong language from Jesus, which offended people in His day and still offends today). We both agreed that Incarnate Love was and is pure and honest, and there was no guile in Jesus--we have nothing to fear when we trust Him instead of man. He knew the verse in Matthew where Jesus warns that "many" (not few) will say "Lord, Lord..." and He will say, "Depart from Me; I never knew you." These hypocrites are calling him "Lord..."(Matthew 7:16-29). The guy took many materials and seemed genuinely open. Whether or not he is already saved is up to God to judge. He was dressed in solid black like he was still into gothic death instead of new Life in Jesus. I enjoyed speaking with him, and I knew he had not stopped by accident. He said he used to be into witchcraft, and he had no doubt that Satan exists. He knew the Bible, and I told him that Satan also knows the Bible. I encouraged him to give his heart to Jesus without compromise and get rid of any practice of darkness.

"But the wisdom that is from above is pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace." James 3: 17-18