Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Public Letter to Joseph Farah Exposing Michael Rood and Hebrew Roots

From James Kieferdorf:

Dear Mr Farah and Kupelian,

I have been very concerned that you and WND are promoting the books/tapes of Michael Rood and Joe Kovacs. Both of these men are unorthodox. Many will be duped into thinking that these men are orthodox and Biblical when in fact both deny cardinal teachings of the Historic Christian faith. I have read many of Joe Kovacs articles on WND, and some of his unorthodox statements and teachings in both his books, Shocked By The Bible and The Divine Secret. His teachings and statements are very similar to that of Mr Herbert W. Armstrong and other Armstrong off-shoots. Now I realize why so many Armstrong off-shoots endorse his books.  Many of these reviewers are Armstrong off-shoots all radical deniers of the Holy Trinity and other orthodox teachings. I noticed John Miller and Jerold Aust.Both of these men are members of the United Church Of God, one of the largest off-shoots of Armstrong. I encourage you, Mr Farah and Kupelian to read the following excellent article concerning some of the unorthodox teachings of Mr Kovacs here.

Concerning the unorthodox teachings of Michael Rood, I would encourage you both to read some of Dr John Juedes excellent exposes.  Under Roods picture click on his name. You can also read some other info on Rood by clicking splinter-groups on the left hand column. Dr Juedes is a scholar on the Way International and it's splinter-groups, which Michael Rood was a leader for many years. Although Michael Rood left The Way, did he really leave all of it's unbiblical teachings? Has he really abandoned his anti-Deity of Christ(Messiah) and the Trinity is pagan teachings?

I close with Dr. Juedes timely warning concerning Michael Rood, from his article "Michael Rood, Doomsday Prophet"

"Michael John Rood is clearly not a reputable Christian minister and Messianic rabbi as he claims to be. Nor is he a reliable source for accurate Bible teaching.  His speculative predictions about end time events, archeology, and other topics have led, and will continue to lead, to more disturbance in the minds of those who accept his theories. His adherence to teachings and practices learned in a cult, and his legalism draw people away from the grace of Jesus Christ which the New Testament teaches. People would be wise to neither accept Rood's teachings nor support his ministry"

I trust you will do whats right, and stop promoting these men's materials.


James Kieferdorf