Friday, December 28, 2012

Piers Morgan on CNN Says Bible Needs to be Amended

HERE is the shocking story. Of course, there is no outrage against such an attack on the Holy Bible and the suggestion to amend certain passages about "sin". Can you imagine the backlash, though, if anyone dared to criticize the Koran? There is definitely a double standard in our media. Discrimination against Christians seems to be the only thing en vogue. Criticism by Christians of sin or any other belief system, even done in a respectful loving manner, is considered bigotry. But the media seems to think nothing of discrimination against Bible-believing Christians. How would Piers Morgan feel if a Christian responded, "You have hurt my feelings by calling me names. It is not fair, because I now feel the victim of a 'hate crime' for being called a 'bigot' by you." Discrimination goes two ways.