Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Meeting the Needs Of Our Outreach Locations

We are beginning 2013 in a big way, as we mail out orders for more materials today.  Our leader in Boulder, Patty Petersen, is doing a great job as one of our missionaries.  We are mailing her the following requested tracts, CDs, DVDs, booklets, and books:
"Roman Catholicism," by Mike Gendron, "The Bible vs Roman Catholicism," "From Tradition to Truth--A Priest's Story," and "Are You Right With God?" by Richard Bennett,  tracts in Chinese, Hindu, Korean, Portuguese, "How to Know God" in Arabic; "Did Joseph Smith See God the Father?"  "Are Mormons 'Christians'?"  "Is the Mormon Jesus the Same Jesus of the Bible?"  "Were Precious Doctrines Removed from the Bible?"  "Was Joseph Smith Qualified to Lead God's People?"  "What Would It Be Like to Be A 'God'?"  and "To Our Muslim Friends".
AIDS testimonies, "Evolution of A Creationist," and "Out of Mormonism"
The Gospel of Christ Jesus According to Saint John (in Arabic and English),  A Story of Perfect Love (The Gospel of John in English), New Testaments, Muddy Waters (witnessing tool for Native American Indians), A Time of Departing

Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith, and God of Wonders

The Holy Scriptures (The Bible in 15 languages)

A special thank you is extended to our faithful LTW contributors, because you make it possible to buy materials like these and ship them to various outreach locations.  At the present time, however, we are in need of more funding for materials.  We need two boxes each of the following books: A Time of Departing ( A book exposing dangers of Contemplative Prayer), and Muddy Waters (An Insider's View of North American Native Spirituality vs. the Gospel of Jesus).  We need these books primarily for our Gatlinburg, New Mexico (forthcoming), and Boulder locations.  May God continue to protect and guide our outreach leaders and supporters with His sweet Holy Spirit for His glory.