Friday, February 01, 2013

Dr. Oz Mainstreams Satanic Spirituality

He does not believe in the existence of Satan, so psychics and mediums are only doing highly evolved, "intuitive" work. Though I love health, I decided to stop watching Dr. Oz when I saw him bring on a psychic and downright market the occult as "healthy." The psychic gave readings on camera, and I felt like I was back at Venice Beach as this psychic worked to the applause of the television audience, influencing millions toward dark forces forbidden by God. Here is a little more about Dr. Oz and the "healing" source of all of this. He does not believe in the deity of Jesus, at least no more than his own. Like the Satanic Bible teaches, "there is no hell where sinners roast," according to Dr. Oz. Life goes on after death, and people simply become angels. No need for a Redeemer.
His spirituality is too satanic for me to watch his program anymore.

Read more research HERE on the spirituality of Dr. Oz. Believe it or not, he was recently asked to speak at Pastor Rick Warren's church. I wonder if Rick shared with Dr. Oz the gospel and pointed out that he is not saved before or after he spoke at his church. And I wonder if Dr. Oz got his normal $100,000.00 speaking fee for speaking at the "church". Dr. Oz seems like a very nice man, but his spirit denies Jesus as God and wickedly deceives people away from the only true salvation. Why did Rick Warren have him as a guest speaker at Saddleback, the Baptist church Warren pastors? Some say it is because Warren has "bought" into the New Age paradigm himself.