Sunday, March 10, 2013

LTW Update: Rio Grande Valley

From Curt and Janie Rolf:

A dear lady stopped by very concerned about a decision as to whether or not she should continue with her nine year separation or consider divorce. She took a Bible and several other materials.  Curt directed her to the Book of Ephesians. She took Where is God When Things Go Wrong and also “The Most Important Story...”  We also gave her Father's Love Letter which we hope will be an encouragement to her.  We are in need of some good, solid materials on marriage/divorce.

Even after several Bibles left the table, it was sad to see a young gal looking at the toddler's booklet 'Would You Like to Know Jesus?' only for her to quickly turn her head and emphatically say, “I don't want to know Jesus."

A young man (who appeared to be about sixteen) quickly looked over the materials and grabbed Is Anybody Out There? We sincerely pray he will read it.  What a wonderful introduction to our Creator.

A young fellow stopped and asked how much the Kids' Bibles are. "Free," we answered. "Would you like one?” He replied, “Yes!!!” He said he would read it, and we praise the Lord for that!

Our neighboring vendor not only had an interesting testimony about his Christianity but was interested in the concept of our table ministry.  We gave him the Father's Love Letter tract and the RBC booklet Why Does it Make Sense to Believe in Christ?  Throughout the day he would pull up a chair and talk to Curt about his concerns--one of them being a daughter dealing with cancer and questioning why a good God would allow her to have cancer, resulting in her being very angry at God.  Curt talked about Job's trials and how our suffering can't even come close to what Jesus suffered for us. We would venture to say that maybe forty-five minutes were spent throughout the day conversing.  What a joy that he would feel that comfortable speaking with Curt that long.  Curt sincerely hopes he will have a booth here next month and will certainly track him down. 

It was an opportune time to briefly tell kids that Easter is the celebration of Christ's life, death and resurrection...The coloring pages gave a good answer to “If Jesus is God, how could He die?....If Jesus died on the cross, then how can He be alive today?"

It's always encouraging when someone from our church stops by to greet us and especially if they take the time to sit-a-spell (as they say here in TX). Curt had that joy and shared with a dear friend an experience he had during the week where God provided an amazing opportunity to witness to a bank cashier concerning an encounter with a Spanish speaking Jehovah's Witness (even if his Spanish vocabulary consisted only of “falso, falso” :-).
It was a good day and God often saves the best for last...Little Jasmine (about 12 years old) and Alexis, (11 years old), came with a ton of questions about Jesus, God, sin, etc. What a challenge. Jasmine took a Bible, and I encouraged her to highlight the 6 days of creation and the 10 commandments. Their eyes became as big as saucers when I announced that Jesus is God. And I  sincerely hope that both of them will return next time, and we can sit down and discuss more questions about the Bible.

Feliz dia de ressurrecion!! (Happy Resurrection Day!!)

Curt and Janie Rolf

Rio Grande Valley – Harlingen, Texas