Thursday, August 22, 2013

LTW Update: NYC

Here is an update from Heidi  and Kevin on last Saturday's outreach at the Long Island Railroad.
Shalom Friends and Ministry Partners!!  Blessings to you all in the Name of our Beloved Savior, Christ Jesus!!! 

As Dwayna was out of town this week, the team consisted of myself, Yvonne and Kevin.  We set up at our usual spot at Penn Station. 

This was Yvonne's first time doing the table without Dwayna and her first time working with Kevin and myself, and it was a blessed time for all of us.  Before we even had the table set up, people were already approaching and looking over our materials.  It was a busy day, and many people were going to and fro.  

We had a return visit from "Gunney", the Marine Veteran who has come to the table on several occasions.  He was very upset about having experienced an incident on the train whereby a young lady was held at gunpoint.  He decided to spring into action and use his well-honed skills to not only take out the man, but to disassemble his weapon.  While he has seen many a battle, this incident hit quite home for him, and he was wondering why lately he has been finding himself in some situations.  I told him, "God is not done with you yet" and again reiterated the need for repentance and turning one's life over to Jesus in order to receive salvation and the Holy Spirit, Who enables us to walk the Christian walk.  I then prayed with him for protection and for peace and also for true salvation - as I am not sure if he is saved.  
I had a long chat with a young man who came over to the table and seemed to have a view that we did not really want to converse with those who were in objection to the Gospel.  We then got into a discussion regarding evolution vs. the Bible.  As we continued to talk, he seemed to agree more and more with a lot of what I was explaining to him about the endtimes and what the Bible has to say about the state of the world and society at large in the last days.  I then read 1 Timothy Chapter 3 and also read from Romans 1 regarding the debasement of society and morality in general.  I had to read this to him to explain to him that things will not get better... just look around at how everything has been turned on its head, evil is now good and good is considered evil...I was able to give him several materials to read and consider, and we had to part ways as it was time for us to close up our ministry. I believe that he would have stayed longer, because he seemed to enjoy our conversation, and I only hope and pray that he will come to a full realization that he needs to be saved.  He seemed to have some knowledge of Old Testament history, so that was a blessing.

Yvonne was able to engage with a woman who happened to be redeemed.  The woman had been experiencing some tragedies in her life and in sharing her story with Yvonne, not only did Yvonne encourage her, but was also encouraged by the woman, and they exchanged telephone numbers in order to stay in touch.  

Kevin was deeply engaged with a man for quite some time speaking about the Gospel and the "good person test," and when I looked over some time later, he was praying with the man.  The man seemed very humbled, but I am not sure if he was praying for salvation or something else.  We hope that it was the former.  

While we were at the table, some policemen came over to check on us and wanted to see our permit, but contrary to what most people may think, they were actually very nice to us and seemed pleased to have us there.

There were several people who came over to the table to "spy out" our materials. This has been happening lately, and it is quite a thing.  Sometimes they just take photos of us from afar.  We always pray before we go out for the Lord's protection against rabble-rousers or those who wish to cause trouble or arguments, and He indeed is faithful to cover us.

We stayed at Penn Station until around 3:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m., not realizing that time had passed us by, as we all were so engaged with the people who had questions about our materials and about who we were.  As always, we answer that we are Biblical Christians, or we say that we are Christians who have been redeemed or born again by the Holy Spirit.  It seems that many people may think that we are a cult or something at first glance, but when they begin to speak with us, they quickly realize that we are Bible-believing Christians, not a particular denomination.  We are always happy to provide them the information to our church in case they are in need of a church. (Yvonne and I go to Heritage Bapt. NYC).

Several more people came up to the table.  One was a lady who apparently was quite intoxicated who kept saying that she was afraid of death and wanted our tracts on heaven.  I told her that she need not fear death, but in order not to fear death, she needed to repent of her sins, turn away from them, and give her life to Jesus, and she would have salvation and eternal life.  I can only hope that she will do that.

In closing, I want to thank, as always, those of you who continue to pray for this ministry and for the seeds that we try to plant.  The world is slowly turning to night and soon no man will be able to work. Thank you for continuing to supply our ministry with the sought-after materials and Bibles.  It is a joy to see people wanting to receive Bibles and/or books on apologetics, discernment, evangelism and prophecy.  May the Lord quicken the spirits of those who need salvation.

Kevin took many photos of the team in action, and he will be providing them along with a brief summary of his experiences at the table, as well as Yvonne's.

In Yeshua,

Your servant,


"Last Saturday was amazing...My first witness encounter of the day was with a homeless guy named Damon. He was in need of some change, and I gave him more than he asked me to give him. I shared with him the beautiful Gospel of Jesus...Then I gave him ten dollars for some medicine. He began to cry. He said he hadn't cried in 20 years. He said he just got out of prison and couldn't believe a 19 year old made him cry. But It wasn't me; it was God working through me. Damon also encouraged me by saying that I was not just telling him the words of God, but I was living it. I then asked him if I could pray with him. He said to make it short, because he didn't want to cry more. Then I later met up with Heidi and Yvonne and continued with an awesome day."  --Kevin