Tuesday, August 13, 2013

LTW Update: Rio Grande Valley

From Curt and Janie Rolf:
As we anticipate another blistering hot day on Jackson St. , we've already had a couple of “make-my-day” visitors.  (P.S. Can you believe it? :-) We found a battery operated fan!)
Meet Lenore.  She's a night shift worker at Walmart and so eager to share the Gospel and Bible with her co-workers.  Normally we only allow one book/Bible per person.  With Lenore, I know all 5 Bibles that she took will get into the hands of exactly the people God wants.

Curt had a great  conversation with a fellow about the many issues cropping up in the church,   primarily seeker-sensitive programs like sermons piped into the church coffee shop...lack of Bibles in the churches,  and no Gospel.  He left with several items, one being the book Who's Driving the Purpose Driven Church?.  

Janie had an interesting conversation with a man about  “intercessory prayers to Mary.”  I will have to do more research on “intercessory”.  He rightly stated that as we pray for others we  are interceding.  True, but Mary is dead! Jesus is my intercessor [who is alive], even as I pray (intercede) for others.  He did take the DVD Messages From Heaven.  I appreciated the fact that he was willing to view the DVD in its entirety.  As is often the case, I later thought of a bazillion verses that would have been appropriate.  Oh how I pray that God will open his eyes to the Truth.

Sometimes it's difficult to understand where someone is coming from spiritually. A lady seemed interested in learning about other religions as well as the occult and [the Hinduism of] yoga,  She thanked us and assured us she would read the materials we gave her.  If I remember correctly, she rejected a copy of “The Most Important Story Ever Told."
Two younger boys were looking at the free books on the table and asked if they could have one.  I asked if they would be interested in reading the Bible.  They said, "Yes." I told them I had the New Testament (kids' version) and gave one to each and asked them to return next month and I would give them each a (full kids') Bible.

Even though I was excited about our “Jonah and the Whale” coloring pages, only a few left the table; however,  as a Spanish speaking fellow browsed through the materials, I pointed out all of the Spanish materials.  His eyes brightened...I showed him the 6 coloring page lessons in Spanish.  He took those along with a Spanish Bible and several other items and couldn't ask God's blessing on us enough.  What a joy!

There was a nice and, I might add, welcomed breeze throughout much of the day.  As hot as it was, we didn't even use our handy-dandy battery operated fan! :-)

Relying on Him as He directs our paths (Prov. 16:9),
Curt and Janie Rolf 
Rio Grande Valley 
Harlingen, Texas