Tuesday, September 10, 2013

LTW Update: NYC

Here are photos from last weekend's outreach. I worked with Ramiro. (I was the one taking the photos as he spoke to people who stopped.) I am especially thankful for the opportunity I had to share the Gospel with a man from Brazil who stopped at the table. Though he said he was a Christian, he seemed confused about the difference between Christianity and other religions and even mentioned how the "Universal Church of Brazil" had influenced him... He seemed very open as I spoke about salvation by grace through Jesus alone and why He is the only way to God (as the Bible teaches in John 14:6). He took many materials, including a Bible, and he promised to read everything he took. Ramiro and I spoke with many people, and it is always great having Ramiro there to speak with people who only speak Spanish. He witnessed to many Catholics...We gave away one Bible to a grandmother who wanted it for her grandson, and we were thankful to plant many seeds. Three Christians stopped by to encourage us as we worked and said they would keep in touch via the Lighting the Way Worldwide FB page. It was another blessed day and wonderful afternoon serving the Lord.