Saturday, September 14, 2013

LTW Update: Rio Grande Valley

From Curt and Janie Rolf:

9:00 A.M., and we feel like we are melting, but so far no rain!  God is so good. As Curt made his rounds, checking out the various vendors, God blessed me with little Lyunette who was initially looking for a Spanish Bible for  her Grandma.  As the conversation progressed, Grandma and Grandpa (Spanish) could use a large print Spanish Bible. ... I just happened to have one.  It didn't take long and Lynette showed up with her siblings, Ricardo and Ayssa (Ah-eesa).  We talked a lot about the Jonah and the Whale coloring pages ( and they were fascinated).  We also talked a lot about Jesus.

Interestingly, when Curt returned, he reported that he saw, for the first time on Jackson St., a Jehovah Witness table outreach.  Of course, we wondered if that was the result of a conversation a few months back. Eduardo, Wanda, Fred, Val (all vendors), made it a point to stop and say, "Hello."  (We love when that happens! :-).  Fred was praising God for surgical healing.  He had been on crutches for seven years with many trials , along with the messed up knees.                                            
Lupe also stopped by who is not a vendor but a regular visitor.  We have known him for many, many months. He always stops by to share a quick "Hello" with us.  This time he actually spoke a little of his time in Vietnam and how his relationship with God/Christ became an asset for his very survival.  He took a “Daily Bread” devotional in hopes of contacting RBC for a Spanish version.  He also took a Spanish and English version of RBC's booklet “Why Does it Make Sense to Believe in Jesus Christ?” 
Two little kids came with a man we supposed was their dad, and they all were enthusiastic about God.  I asked them....”did you know that the only way to God (to get to heaven) is through Jesus Christ?” The little boy said “I didn't know that”!  They each took the lesson on Jonah and the Whale and I gave the dad a CBH devotional and “The Most Important Story Ever Told”.  He was pleased with anything to encourage the kids about Jesus, and he also quickly stuffed a tract on Mormonism into his back pocket. 
Praise the Lord, Hugo, our dear Spanish-speaking friend, showed up... (which was an answer to prayer).  I was pleased as our church is about to start English Second Language classes in a couple of weeks, and I knew Hugo was interested.  He was also pleased that there will be a brief evangelical presentation during the break time. 
Today's outreach was largely focused on kids.  We repeated our “Jonah and the Whale” coloring pages again this month and many left the Table.  Kids seemed intrigued that God would put Jonah in the belly of a whale for disobeying.
Our handy dandy little battery operated fan did, indeed, provide a little breath of air!

We were rained out by noon, but God took advantage of those few hours with extra special visitors to the table. We praise and thank God for this Table Ministry (and also for the desperately needed rain).
Relying on Him as “He Directs Our Paths” (Prov. 16:9),
Curt and Janie Rolf
Rio Grande Valley
Harlingen, Texas