Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sharing my Testimony at the Christmas Tea for Women at Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

My heart was filled with joy as I shared my testimony with an interpreter to women at Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor in Cabo San Lucas, MX. One of my new friends, Yolanda, began to cry when she heard me sing telling me she could feel God's love. She said, "After hearing your testimony now all I want to do is sing for Jesus." I told her she would never regret it, because Jesus can certainly give us more than this world can! She brought her guitar the next day to church, and we had a great time singing worship songs together.
I am so thankful for the testimony God has given me, and it surely is His testimony and not mine. I would have certainly given myself an easier life in many ways, but God knew what He was doing, and He has given me more than I ever dreamed. My life is so much better than it would have ever been if it had gone the way I planned it.
I was also so touched to speak and hear an interpreter repeat all I said in Spanish, as God's love is the same all over the world. The Gospel is the same in every language. It really brings me to tears to hear people speak about the same Jesus I love in another language realizing God understands us all perfectly when we pray.
There was no place I would have rather been that Saturday in Mexico than at Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor in Cabo San Lucas with my friend, Jackie Price, who is the wife of the pastor, Garrie Price.